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Prof. Hiroshi Iwai Annual reprot (2020)-Semiconductor device research and education

Yushan ScholarIssued by:National Chiao Tung UniversityNumber of click-through:111
Year of approval:107/Year of project result:109 /Academic field:Engineering/Scholar name:岩井洋

Introduction to the event

The purpose of ICST is the promotion of the semiconductor R & D and the education in NYCU as well as Taiwan by the execution of the world-top level research and international collaborations. 
For the execution of the top-level research and education, a good research project with appropriate purpose/target and high-level researchers and students is helpful. Prof. Iwai draw a grand design of the research project with the collaboration with ICT industries in Taiwan, setting the target for the future semiconductor device development which will be produced in 2025 to 35, selecting 3 important device categories (Intelligent memories, RF devices for 6G, and Smart power devices), and organized the research groups consisting 30 world top researchers from Taiwan, Japan, Europe and United States. The project proposal was submitted to MOST in August, 2020 and just approved this February as a 5-year project. He has also contributed to expand ICST activities by negotiating with University of Sheffield in UK to join our joint degree program for master and Ph.D program, and succeed to made a contact within a year so that UK becomes one of the strong foreign countries to have a relation with ICST.
GaN HEMT is regarded as one of the key semiconductor technologies for the next generation smart power and 6G communication. One of the biggest problem is the tradeoff between the threshold voltage and drain current. He used Yushan scholar budget effectively and developed excellent technologies which can provide good positive threshold voltage and high drain current by supervising the students. 
In addition, he has conducting excellent lectures, publications and receiving world-class honors, promoting the world status of ICST. 
In conclusion, ICST satisfied with Prof. Iwai’s contribution and appreciate to Prof. Iwai for his great effort. 

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