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2021 Annual Report of the Yushan scholarship Professor Shawn-Yu Lin

Yushan ScholarIssued by:National Chiao Tung UniversityNumber of click-through:50
Year of approval:109/Year of project result:109 /Academic field:Engineering/Scholar name:林尚佑

Introduction to the event

Dr. Lin’s scientific expertise is in contemporary optical physics with a special emphasis on nano-photonics and its green energy applications. Dr. Lin’s research is to realize a super thin, silicon solar cell using a periodic surface texture for extreme light trapping. Dr. Lin published an important paper on Nature Scientific Report that reports the use of photonic crystals to increase silicon solar cell absorption, exceeding the Lambertian limit. This is a singular experimental demonstration of above-Lambertian solar absorption integrated over the entire solar wavelengths. This accomplishment by Dr. Lin is considered to be a major milestone in solar research.

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