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Professor Shih, Chih-Kang _ Annual Report (2019)

Yushan ScholarIssued by:National Tsing Hua UniversityNumber of click-through:583
Year of approval:107/Year of project result:108 /Academic field:Science/Scholar name:施至剛

Introduction to the event

The visiting period of Yushan Scholar Professor Chih-Kang Shih covers 105 days from May 26 to August 22 and December 16 to December 31, 2019. During his visit, Professor Shih co-supervised postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in Principal Investigator Professor Shangjr Gwo’s research group. Professor Gwo have also sent a postdoctoral fellow (Dr. C.-Y. Wang) abroad to Professor Shih's research group in the University of Texas at Austin for joint research. In 2019, both groups shared the research resources, so that both groups can support each other's research efforts. Until now, they have conducted collaborative research on two-dimensional semiconductor materials and plasmonic materials. Professor Shih and Professor Gwo has jointly published 3 Journal papers since 2019, and several manuscripts are under preparation.

3 Journal papers :

J. Choi, F. Cheng, J. W. Cleary, L. Sun, C. K. Dass, J. R. Hendrickson, C.-Y. Wang, S. Gwo, C.-K. Shih, X. Li. Optical dielectric constants of single crystalline silver films in the long wavelength range. Opt. Mat. Express 10, 693-703 (2020)

Sun, LY, Wang, CY, Krasnok, A, Choi, J, Shi, JW, Gomez-Diaz, JS, Zepeda, A, Gwo, S, Shih, CK, Alu, A, Li, XQ. Separation of valley excitons in a MoS2 monolayer using a subwavelength asymmetric groove array. Nature Photonics 13, 180-184 (2019)

Cheng F, Lee, CJ, Choi, J, Wang, CY, Zhan, Q, Zhang, H, Gwo, S, Chang, WH , Li, XQ , Shih, CK, Epitaxial Growth of Optically Thick, Single Crystalline Silver Films for Plasmonics. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 3189-3195 (2019)