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Professor Chin-Chuan Lee Annual Report (2019)

Yushan ScholarIssued by:National Chengchi UniverserityNumber of click-through:136
Year of approval:107/Year of project result:108 /Academic field:Social science/Scholar name:李金銓

Introduction to the event

Professor Lee Chin-Chuan is an internationally renowned scholar specializing in areas ranging from communication theories, international communication, media sociology and political economy, to media history.  He was awarded the prestige of a Fellow by the International Communication Association in 2019—so far the only scholar in Taiwan so recognized.  During the year he publishes Crisscrossing Communication Research: Historical Contexts and Global Perspectives, a major work highly praised in various reviews as “the towering work of communication research.”  In his teaching and research, Professor Lee has actively promoted mutual flow of ideas between media studies and various humanistic/social science fields.  He has given many lectures and speeches to fully-attended rooms of scholars and students across a diversity of academic landscape.  He was prominently interviewed by the press on the topic of media professionalism with a view to promoting cross-strait intellectual understanding.

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