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1st year progress report (Yu-Wen Huang)

Yushan Young ScholarIssued by:National Tsing Hua UniversityNumber of click-through:295
Year of approval:108/Year of project result:108 /Academic field:Science/Scholar name:黃郁文

Introduction to the event

1st year progress of Yushan young scholar:

(1) awarded with MOST young scholar fellowship program (five years)

(2) attended important conferences including MOST Chemistry young investigator meeting, Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) 2019 in Taipei, Earth Science and Chemistry co-conference, and Organic Chemistry division meeting (invited speaker)

(3) research is centered on method developments and is thought to publish in due course

(4) served as a reviewer for international journals

(5) delivered two graduate level courses

(6) mentored three 1st year master students and three undergraduate students in which Mr. Po-Chou Chen was awarded with MOST research grant for university student

(7) served as committee member for six graduate students

(8) current group expanded to eight master students, one research assistant (master), one research assistant (Ph.D.) and seven undergraduates and focused on three important natural product total syntheses

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