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Yushan Scholar-Professor Tim Tully’s Achievements in 2019

Yushan ScholarIssued by:National Tsing Hua UniversityNumber of click-through:137
Year of approval:107/Year of project result:108 /Academic field:Life sciences and agronomy/Scholar name:Tim Tully

Introduction to the event

(1) Invite international top scientists to visit universities and research centers in Taiwan.

(2) Actively promote and participate in the drafting of research plans by the Ministry of Science and Technology to enhance Taiwan's R & D competitiveness.

(3) Hold experimental technology briefing sessions to teach experimental techniques.

(4) Invite professors from top universities to participate in memory research discussions and paper writing.

(5) Hold research progress seminars to assist researchers in solving problems and planning directions.

(6) Participate in writing research papers and progress report. Submit papers to international journals.

(7) Assistance in the establishment of new startups and industries to enhance the energy of the biotechnology industry.

(8) Hold regular seminars on research and entrepreneurship consulting.

(9) Actively participate in courses offered by department of life science in NTHU.

(10) Interviews with scientific media and assisted in marketing to National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan. I expect to make an extensive contribution to the development of Taiwan's science and biotechnology industry.

Relevant attachments

B版 Tim Tully 玉山學者第2年執行績效報告